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Scroll down to get free insurance quotes and free professional assistance with selecting and applying for all types of insurance plans according to your current needs. Just some of the free "quote and apply" services available below are Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage, Pet Insurance, Travel Insurance, Business Insurance, Renter and Condo Insurance, Dental Insurance, Vision Insurance, and Other Types of Insurance, plus Free Financial Consultation on Living Benefits, Guaranteed No Loss of Principal Products, etc.

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Call for Free Medicare Supplement Quotes, Free Medicare Advantage Quotes, and Free Nationwide Assistance in Applying for the right Medicare plan to fit your needs. Ensure to jot "Broker NPN ID 920219" on a piece of paper and mention it when speaking with our agent that assists you when you...


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Call for Free Quotes and Free Nationwide Assistance in Applying for Health Insurance and other Medical Insurance. Also, many people find they can save money and stay within their values by using Health Care Sharing Plans. Call now and one of our licensed professionals will shop among the top carriers, provide quotes, help you decide what plan is best for you, and even take your application right over the phone. Ensure to jot "Broker ID 943R27i" on a piece of paper and mention it when speaking with our agent that assists you.

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Please remember that all of the work we do is free for you. 

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Older insurance products can be outdated and may not provide the badly needed benefits that the updated modern plans offer. We solve this problem! Our experts shop among the top companies, provide quotes, and help our valued clients apply for the updated modern plans. This is done over the phone while you relax and let our professionals do all the work for you. 

Or, if you don't want to work with an agent, you can choose our Self-Service Option below and find the right plan yourself with our free online search, quote, and application tool. If you change your mind, you can always call to let one of our expert agents do all of the work for you. Scroll down for our Free Self-Service Tool.


We Offer a Full Array of Insurance Plans to Satisfy All of Your Needs

We offer free quotes and free assistance in applying for the following insurance products: Low-Cost Term Life Insurance, Living Benefits, Indexed Universal Life Insurance, Indexed Annuities, Guaranteed No Loss of Principal, Health Insurance, Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage, Dental Insurance, Vision Insurance, Medical Insurance, Homeowner's Insurance, and Auto Insurance.

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Home And Auto Insurance

→ Top Insurers and Policies 
→ Auto, Motorcycle, Boats
→ Home, Condo, Apartment
→ Flood Insurance
→ Umbrella Insurance

→ Pet Health Insurance

Renters and Homeowners Insurance

→ Low-Cost - Easy to Switch 
→ Revolutionary New Insurance
→ Also Provides to Social Good

Pet Insurance

→ Top Insurers and Policies
→ Medical Coverage for Your Pets
→ Dog Health Insurance
→ Cat Health Insurance


Reduce Group Health Insurance Costs

→ Better Employee Benefits
→ Reduce Health Insurance Costs
→ Cutting Edge Planning
→ Reduce Taxes

Free Legal Forms - Personal and Business

→ Estate, Real Estate, Family
→ Medical Power of Attorney
→ Wills, Trusts, Deeds

→ Business, Financial, More

Travel Insurance

→ Travel Insurance 
→ Travel Medical Insurance 
→ All Travel Insurance Needs

Low-Cost Whole-Household Health Benefits

→ Low Flat-Rate Plan for Family Coverage
→ Available for Business Health Plans
→ 24/7 Healthcare Access

→ 100% Acceptance
→ No Co-Pays

→ Get Your Plan NOW!

Dental & Vision Insurance

→ Guaranteed Acceptance
→ Orthodontics - Senior Plans
→ Low Cost - Premium Benefits

All Types of Health Insurance

→ Health Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance
→ Small Business Health Insurance

Low-Cost Short Term Health Insurance and Indemnity Health Insurance

→ Low-Cost Plans
→ Short-Term Health Insurance
→ Health Benefit Indemnity

All Types of Business Insurance

→ Liability Insurance 
→ E & O, Workers Comp

→ Unique Business Needs

Why Everyone Loves the Easy Insurance Group!

The Easy Insurance Group makes it easy to find the right insurance plans for your current needs. With just one simple phone call, screen tap, or click of the mouse, you can sit back and relax while one of our licensed professionals goes shopping for you among hundreds of the top insurance companies to find the exact plan that you need. Our friendly expert will then help you apply right over the phone. All the work we do is 100% free for you, so you have every reason to let us find the right insurance plan for you today. It truly is that easy! 

Reason One

Client care is #1 with us!  Our professionals work to ensure your current needs are met with the best insurance and financial services products. With hundreds of the top insurance carriers and thousands of the latest cutting-edge products available, we can match you with the right plan quickly and easily.

Reason Two

Let one of our experts provide free insurance quotes and help you apply for the right plan for your needs. The work we do is 100% free for you, so you have every reason to receive the excellent professional customer service that you deserve now!

Reason Three

Use the links on this page to get free expert assistance with all other types of insurance to include health, Medicare, Dental, Vision, Travel, Pet, Home, Auto, RV, Motorcycle and more. We want the entire insurance purchasing experience to be relaxing and easy for you.

What You Must Know About The New Financial and Insurance Products...

"These new financial services and insurance products render the old plans obsolete!"

"Everyone needs to take advantage of Life Insurance with "Living Benefits" by calling the Free Nationwide Life Insurance Helpline at 877-674-2873

"Health, Dental, Vision, Medicare and other types of Medical insurance can be very confusing; so, it is important to get professional help from licensed professionals to help you make the right choice for your medical insurance needs.

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